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At Ingenuity Cleveland, we cultivate and nurture our city’s most valuable assets: its community of passionate and curious minds. Contact us now to learn about 2022 partnership opportunities! Spaces are limited so don’t wait, email or call us at 216-589-9444 to learn about the many ways that you can support our mission!

  • We foster entrepreneurs through the IngenuityLabs Incubator program while providing resources to the community through Ignite! Neighbor Nights, which are themed, hands-on intergenerational events

  • We collaborate with community partners to create vibrant artistic landscapes for local events, consult and commission in the interconnected fields of placemaking, public art, urban planning and public programming

  • We serve the community and surrounding by providing large-scale public events, neighborhood nights and resources to local entrepreneurs and creators

  • We build, create and innovate with the Ingeneers, a creative collective of 300+ individuals who construct showpieces that travel around Northeast Ohio and beyond

  • We inspire and bring joy to the community through the creative collective, and Cleveland’s most beloved events like IngenuityFest


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Reach 200,000+ people across Northeast Ohio – ask us how!

Exposure to local art, music and creative maker experiences enriches and inspires lives. Attending one of Ingenuity’s events can ignite a spark for a lifetime of interest in exploration and discovery!  Don't miss out on an opportunity to generate impact like this.

We can build a package to support your unique requirements based off of what’s important to your brand and audience. From e-newsletters, to prominent features on websites, marketing collateral and campaigns reaching Northeast Ohio and beyond, sponsoring Ingenuity allows your organization prominent and extensive exposure, increasing your ROI.


Ingenuity creates boundary-pushing Creative Programming promoting myriad viewpoints.

We present Educational Outreach that draws enthusiasm and spark curiosity from all ages.

We are a leader in our community’s Maker Movement, and are actively involved Neighborhood Revitalization for St. Clair-Superior, a diverse and largely underserved neighborhood. IngenuityLabs, IngenuityFest and the Hamilton Collaborative not only draw attention to the area, but create low-barrier to access programs and opportunities to engage with community members and provide tools and resources.

We incubate more than 12 small business annually thru Labs and bring 100s of creative entrepreneurs to work on collaborative projects and learn business skills each week. With our partners, we promote Sustainable Practices. Our pilot IngenuityLabs cohort included Rust Belt Riders, an eco-composting group, with whom we continue to promote sustainability. We are currently working with the group on the remediation of a 2-acre former scrapyard onsite into a teaching garden and sustainability demonstration site.


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Whatever your vision is for the future, we can almost guarantee that creativity, innovation, and collaboration are critical considerations.

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