Hamilton Collaborative

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Ingenuity Cleveland is a founding partner of the Hamilton Collaborative. We are redefining growth and innovation as an open intentional community, managed cooperatively. We provide tools, space and knowledge to a broad community.

With the partners below, we are building a dynamic, economically interlinked community hub. Check back often to learn about our classes, programs and events.


HamCo Members


IngenuityLabs @ the Hamilton Collaborative supports and encourages artisans and innovators working in Cleveland. Our incubator provides resources and networking opportunities with an eye toward broader efforts to attract and retain talent; promote a culture of creativity; build spaces for technological innovation; foster entrepreneurship, especially among traditionally excluded populations; and connect area youth and young adults. We also hold weekly workshops with a committed group of creatives, The Ingeneers.

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The Hamilton Collaborative is located at: 5401 Hamilton Avenue | Cleveland, OH 44114