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What is IngenuityLabs?

IngenuityLabs is a shared space where artists, creatives, entrepreneurs and the like congregate to access tools, shop supplies and each other's expertise and more.  IngenuityLabs is comprised of Associates and tenants of the IngenuityLabs Incubator program. Associates of IngenuityLabs have access to a year-round personal locker where they can store tools and items for their projects.  Incubatees, or tenants rent "pods" in a variety of sizes.

Don't want to join IngenuityLabs just yet? Sign up as a volunteer or learn more about becoming an Agent of Ingenuity!

Learn more about IngenuityLabs options below:

IngenuityLabs Associates have access to a shared space and shop tools.  This level of membership includes having access to a year-round locker where members can store their own personal tools and items for their projects.

The IngenuityLabs Incubator program enables you to become a tenant at the Hamilton Collaborative! Through an application process, incubatees are provided their own studio/workshop space to launch small creative businesses and projects that serve a broad community. The incubator program provides access to our shared shop space and tools.

Becoming an Agent of Ingenuity is a year-round membership that unlocks access to tickets, events and more. Agents of Ingenuity members do not have access to IngenuityLabs.

IngenuityLabs Member

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