IngenuityFest Returns in 2022!

We are thrilled to announce that IngenuityFest will return on September 23-25, 2022! Be sure to join our mailing list and follow us on social media for announcements regarding the festival and other programs and events happening this spring and summer!  To indicate your interest in the 2022 festival, please fill out the appropriate form!

IngenuityFest's History

Ingenuity Cleveland was conceived as IngenuityFest - a multi-day, multi-venue event that would move among downtown locations, inviting Northeast Ohio residents and tourists to re-discover the city as alive and vibrant. IngenuityFest animated storefronts, abandoned alleys and interiors of buildings that had long been ignored with a cross-pollination of arts, technology, and entrepreneurship. Launched along Cleveland’s iconic Public Square, the Festival moved to Gateway/East 4th Street, Playhouse Square, the Cleveland State University campus, the Streetcar level of the Detroit Superior Bridge, and finally to Cleveland’s Northcoast Harbor, before settling in St. Clair-Superior in 2016. In 2020, the first-ever virtual iteration of our festival was born. We produced Virtually INGenious in partnership with 48 Hour Virtual Music Fest CLE.

We have been surprising and delighting regional and national audiences for over 16 years! IngenuityFest includes immersive artwork (built collaboratively by the Ingeneers!); half a dozen stages featuring hundreds of musicians, dancers, poets, and performances of all types; maker and innovator exhibits; fine art; and so much more. All of this is displayed throughout the 300,000 square foot Hamilton Collaborative, which is broken up into Festival Villages. See photos and programs from past festivals here. 

Village Examples Include:


Meet the folks who work in the IngenuityLabs Incubator year-round! Learn more.


Our home for larger-than-life installations and exhibits!

Vendor Village

Some of Cleveland’s most creative crafters, makers, tinkerers, and fabricators peddle their wares in this unique setting.

Maker's Mecca

A hands-on, interactive wonderland featuring wild and wonderful creations from bright minds of all ages!

IngenuiTREE Isle

Learn all about living more sustainably - from growing your own food and collecting rainwater for new purposes to walking the amazing trails in our Cleveland neighborhoods.

Wellness Way

Healthy mind, healthy body, healthy community! Activity and Activism go hand-in-hand in Wellness Way, where you’ll learn all about fun new ways to be physically active and find new organizations to get involved with.


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