IngenuityLabs Incubator

The IngenuityLabs Incubator is part residency, part accelerator. It allows select grantees access to shared shop space, shared tools, and their own studio/workshop space to launch small creative businesses and projects that serve a broad community.

Space and participation is available to creatives of all stripes – artisans, entrepreneurs, start-ups and more – through an application process. Our program uniquely serves creatives who are looking to make a community impact through their art form and is ideal for artists looking to make use of our unique industrial space, entrepreneurs looking to scale up, and new projects that make unique use of our unique environment for cross-pollination. We emphasize outward-facing, scalable, collaborative innovation.

Our initial cohorts of artisans, entrepreneurs, and start-ups have helped shape our understanding of our program's unique potential for collaboration and cross-pollination. Special consideration was given to projects with a focus on interdisciplinary works, community outreach, and civic progress.

The IngenuityLabs Membership: gives artists and creatives access to a personal locker in which to store tools, small equipment, etc., access to our shared shop space and certain tools (pending training) and 24/7 access to our IngenuityLabs space.

IngenuityLabs is also where we hold all of our events!

Our 40,000+ square-foot facility is called IngenuityLabs. In addition to housing the Incubator and Membership pods, it is where we host the Ingenuity Bal and IngenuityFest! Additional programs, like Neighbor Nights, work to strengthen and better serve our immediate neighborhood, creative community and beyond.

Please note that the Bal and Neighbor Nights are indefinitely posponed due to the COVID-19 health crisis. Due to current restrictions on large gatherings, the Ingenuity Family will not meet in person for IngenuityFest 2020, originally planned for September 25-27. However, Ingenuity is pleased to partner with 48 Hour Virtual Music Fest CLE on that same weekend to bring you Virtually INGenious. On those days, we’ll welcome 48 bands, artists, performers, and creatives will join us on Facebook Live to bring live performances to your living room.

Stay tuned for an event link, schedule, and more information!


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