A Multifaceted, Multipurpose

creative space

IngenuityLabs has two main purposes. First and foremost, IngenuityLabs is the name for our 40,000+ square-foot facility. It's where we host events like IngenuityFest and the Bal! It's where we welcome artists, creatives, entrepreneurs to congregate, access tools, shop supplies and utilize each other's expertise and more.

IngenuityLabs is also a workspace for incubator tenants and folks who need a space to create their big, loud, and sometimes messy art. Learn more about each of these programs below.

ingenuitylabs incubator

Accelerate your growth surrounded by like-minded creative folks

The IngenuityLabs Incubator Program is part residency, part accelerator for creatives ready to get serious and bring their creative business ideas to life. It allows select Ingenuity tenants access to shared shop space, shared tools, and their own studio/workshop space. Their time at IngenuityLabs culminates in an onsite exhibit at IngenuityFest. After the Fest, projects are reviewed and offered the opportunity to extend their stay. Additional opportunities, including workshops in skills like marketing and grant writing, as well as periodic open-houses, are available to our incubatees.

Not fully ready to launch a business? IngenuityLabs is also a big, loud, dirty, messy space where you can let your hair down and pursue passion projects. Whether that means you just need a place to come experiment with different artistic mediums from our supply shelves or need a place to store your basketweaving supplies that have outgrown you living room, you have a place at IngenuityLabs. You would have access to a shared space and shop tools as well as a year-round personal locker to store tools and items for your projects.


Space and participation is available to creatives of all stripes – artisans, entrepreneurs, start-ups and more. Our program is ideal for artists looking to make use of our unique industrial space, entrepreneurs looking to scale up, and new projects that make unique use of our unique environment for collaboration and cross pollination. All grantees MUST exhibit during the festival.

Special consideration given to projects with a focus on interdisciplinary works, community outreach and civic progress. Applicants should be prepared to show how their project is at a “threshold” which will benefit from incubation.

We also expect that applicants will participate fully in our community, and take advantage of additional program offerings. We also consider your feedback a crucial aspect of the experience!


Dave Biro: CLE DZN Studios
Large Scale Sculptural Installation 

Andrew Kaletta Statuary
Concrete casting for sculptural elements and custom lighting fixtures.

Multimedia production company combining costume, music, dance, original video.

Fire and Lights Performing Arts
Flow and fire arts collective offering workshops and performance services.

Heyman Productions by Ryan Kinney
Multimedia artworks and shennanigans.

Madeline Finn Music
Vocal Coaching and Music Outreach.

Makers Alliance
Makers group offering a range of experiences and programs.

Matthew Hummel and Nate Clark Fire Arts
Licensed flames effects, fire safety, and interactive artworks.

Metal Yellow Studio
Enameled functional metal objects from reclaimed industrial materials.

Community-access metal fabrication shop.

Ronald Nelson Mobile Food Trailers
Custom mobile food service units.

Tesla Orchestra
Doing great things with sound and light.

Tiny Home by Tom Morledge
Moto Loco experience created in partnership with Ingenuity and Hector Castellanos.


“Imprints” and Initiate Studios by Michele Crawford

Andrew Kaletta Statuary
Concrete casting for sculptural elements and custom lighting fixtures.

Art is our Refuge by Negative Space

Multimedia production company combining costume, music, dance, original video.

Biro Wood Company

New Works by Megan Young and Kix Williams

Tesla Orchestra
Doing great things with sound and light.

Tiny Home by Tom Morledge
Moto Loco experience created in partnership with Ingenuity and Hector Castellanos.

Trademark Stylehouse


Rust Belt Riders Composting

Damian Venditti Studios

Immortal Nerd Creative Services

Lauren Holler Dance

MegLouise Interdisciplinary New Media Artwork

Trademark Stylehouse

Ingenuity Impact Awards

Rewarding impactful entrepreneurial ventures

Launched in 2019, the Ignite! Impact Awards were created to amplify the voices of those traditionally under-represented in entrepreneurship, providing tools and resources for future success.

  • A cash or in-kind (typically toward space rental in IngenuityLabs) micro-grants which can be used towards project(s) that impact others, or advance and unlock opportunities for growth.

  • Consulting time with Ingenuity team members who can provide guidance and direction towards growing your business - this includes a 1 hour introductory discussion, 1 hour session with us or a specialized consultant from our network, and a 1 hour "planning for the future" session.

  • An opportunity to pursue fiscal agency for projects, subject to the review and approval of Ingenuity

  • A marketing package that includes opportunities to exhibit at IngeniutyFest, the Ingenuity Bal and other Ingenuity-sponsored events, social media, e-newsletter spotlights, and more

Ignite Neighbor Nights Exhibitors Gardening

2021 Update: In light of the political and health events that occurred in 2020, we have expanded our Ignite! Impact Award program to focus on the following key aspects of community recovery and healing:

  • Solutions focused on immediate COVID-19 relief.
  • Solutions focused on long-term COVID-19 recovery, community resiliency, and connectivity.Strategies that improve digital access and digital equity
  • Socially-distanced interventions that uplift and enliven
  • Solutions and conversations centered on social and racial justice, equity, and police-community relations.
  • Immediate cash & consulting assistance is available and recipients will be notified with acceptance or deferral within two weeks of application. Successful applications will leverage resources to support a network beyond the applicant.*

Examples of COVID-19 relief could include (but are not limited to): strategies to improve digital access to arts & culture and enhancing long-term networks and resources for community resiliency.

Equity & Justice Solution examples could include (but are not limited to): creating spaces for community dialogue which reach across social and cultural boundaries; expressing messages of hope, healing and change that amplify voices of those who are most impacted; providing immediate support to marginalized communities through creative, entrepreneurial or artistic solutions

Please contact with any questions.

Know someone deserving of an Ignite! Imapct Award? Nominate them below!

Ingenuity Cleveland is pleased to accept nominations for organizations and people making a difference in our community. Ignite! Impact Awards honor budding entrepreneurs and creatives promoting social impact through creativity and the arts. Ignite! Impact Award Winners are typically people who are traditionally underrepresented in entrepreneurship, including women, minorities, and people of diverse backgrounds and/or abilities. Ignite! impact awards proactively help build equity in our creative and entrepreneurship communities. Nominate a deserving individual or organization by filling out the form below.

Ingenuity Impact Award


Whatever your vision is for the future, we can almost guarantee that creativity, innovation, and collaboration are critical considerations.

Entpreneurship Talks

Entreprenruship training without the stuffiness.

The Ignite! Entrepreneurship Series provides business knowledge and down-n’-dirty skills in an affordable, social environment.

We are helping artists see themselves as entrepreneurs! Programming is targeted to the needs of creative and arts-based entrepreneurs within the Ingenuity and Hamilton Collaborative network, as well as Cleveland’s wider creative landscape. We emphasize peer-to-peer learning and partnerships with established resources in the entrepreneurship ecosystem. Ignite! maximizes the value of social learning and peer mentorship, and provides networking opportunities in an engaged yet informal setting.

The Ignite! Lecture Series has been on hold due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but stay tuned! We hope to bring them back soon!

Writing for Business
Michelle Nguyen of Mindset Mastery discussed the ‘Minto Method’ or ‘McKinsey Method'. Attendees learned to develop a better system for gathering thoughts, presenting them in a logical well-structured way and writing clearly and concisely.

SEO for Small Business
Liza Sue Studebaker of Liza Sue Productions discussed Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for your small business with our audience, who learned how to grow their visibility organically (without paying!) and increase awareness of your brand.

Legal & Tax Considerations for Small Business
These topics often come with a lot of questions and concerns for small business owners. Thompson Hine's Sean Ganley and Danielle Hayden from Kickstart Accounting spent an evening answering these questions and offering some clarity around this daunting topic.

Navigating the Gig Economy
Three local gig economy pros sat down for a panel and discussed the joys, hardships, frustrations, and successes in this arena.

Food Entrepreneurship
Local food business owners shared their experiences in that realm - they talked about everything from finding space, operating mobile food units, branding, and more!

Finding Funding for Small Business
Local fundraising professionals answered questions and provided resources to our audience of eager listeners. An in-depth Q&A allowed personalized advice along the way.

The Entrepreneurial Spirit & Serial Entrepreneurship
Two local entrepreneurs shared their journeys, explaining what drew them to the life of entrepreneurship and the traits and skills that aided them in their success.