Our Programs

Most people are familiar with Ingenuity as a Festival celebrating creativity and innovation. But Ingenuity functions all year producing events that fulfill our mission of exploring where humanity and technology connect. Explore all we offer!


Our annual festival of art and technology, highlighting maker activities, local music, and large-scale immersive art.

The Bal

A fun and slightly off-kilter gala alternative, benefitting Ingenuity's year-round programs.


Our home base in St. Clair-Superior providing a variety of opportunities and resources for working creatives.

The Ingeneers

A group of over 300 super-volunteers who meet weekly to drive creative programming and build our events!


Inspiring and engaging entrepreneurs at every level with workshops, neighbor nights, lectures, and more.

Consulting & Commissions

Learn how Ingenuity supports the creative landscape in Cleveland with consultation, custom artwork, and more.


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