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Ingenuity creates boundary-pushing Creative Programming promoting myriad viewpoints.

We present Educational Outreach that draws enthusiasm and spark curiosity from all ages.

We are a leader in our community’s Maker Movement, and are actively involved Neighborhood Revitalization for St. Clair-Superior, a diverse and largely underserved neighborhood. IngenuityLabs, IngenuityFest and the Hamilton Collaborative not only draw attention to the area, but create low-barrier to access programs and opportunities to engage with community members and provide tools and resources.

We incubate more than 18 small business annually thru Labs and bring 100s of creative entrepreneurs to work on collaborative projects and learn business skills each week. With our partners, we promote Sustainable Practices. Our pilot IngenuityLabs cohort included Rust Belt Riders, an eco-composting group, with whom we continue to promote sustainability. We are currently working with the group on the remediation of a 2-acre former scrapyard onsite into a teaching garden and sustainability demonstration site.