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Ingenuity’s annual Bal fundraiser is an affordable and slightly off-kilter gala unlike anything else in town! Once known as the Bal Ingenieux, the yearly spring event now boasts a different theme with each incarnation, featuring the region’s artists, makers, and creatives while paying homage to Cleveland’s exclusive arts club that dominated modernist arts in the city from the 1910s until the 1940s. The Kokoon Club’s annual “Bal Masque” challenged artistic norms with the most unconventional parties around.

Today, the Bal supports Ingenuity’s year-round programming in an exciting and creative way. Bal attendees can expect to experience one-of-a-kind immersive artwork, live music and performance, local food and drink, all while contributing to the creation of a year-round center for innovation that supports creative entrepreneurs and welcomes the entire community with open doors.

2024 Bal details

Ingenuity Bal: Flights of Fancy

Join us on Saturday, May 4th starting at 7:30pm at IngenuityLabs for the Ingenuity Bal: Flights of Fancy! Boast your best vintage ensemble for this off-kilter gala and fundraiser in support of Ingenuity Cleveland and our 20th anniversary!
The evening will feature live music, DJs and dancing, with headlining performances from Bassel & the Supernaturals, plus cirque, aerial acts and more. The evening includes small bites and hors d'oeuvres, hand mixed beverages with craft spirits by Watershed Distillery & Goldhorn Brewery, hands-on demonstrations from IngenuityLabs Incubator Members, sneak-peaks at in-progress festival installations, and so much more!
Get your tickets at and RSVP to the Facebook event for all the latest updates!
  • Big Art & Small Bites 

  • A festival preview for attendees

  • Dancing and performances of ALL types! 

  • Costumes and exhibits

  • Drinks and dessert to keep the night sweet

2023 bal Lineup & headliners

Nathan Paul & The Admirables:
Nathan Paul & The Admirables have created a live experience that is all about good vibes! Going to an Admirables show is a party. Bold and funky earth tones from the horns at the front line lead the band through dynamic twists and turns. Hypnotic grooves from the rhythm section get heads bobbing and bodies moving. As the old adage goes, music is food for the soul and the Admirables will get you fed!

Wave Magnetic & Rowanne Atallah:
Wave Magnetik (producer and trumpeter) and Rowanne Atallah (Lebanese performing artist) have joined musical forces creating melodic infectious dance music symbolizing unity in diversity. Combining Rowanne’s middle eastern roots and Wave’s jazz background, they have given birth to a new electronic dance music era called “Hayete”!

Bal FAQs:

Ingenuity Bal: Biotique

Our richly themed not-quite gala is an evening unlike any other. Don your biological best (ie, Flora- and Fauna- inspired clothing or Cocktail Attire) for an enchanting costumed evening among Cleveland's creative and innovation landscape, featuring daring hors d'oeuvres, music, dance, technology & entrepreneurship exhibits and hands-on demonstrations as we put down roots in our rapidly expanding IngenuityLabs facility in St. Clair Superior.


Get the bal rollin'

Ingenuity Cleveland was proud to present the return of our annual BAL, in support of Expo: Ingenuity and IngenuityLabs year-round programming! The 2022 Bal included headlining performances from Gumbo Dance Party, Tesla Orchestra, plus cirque and dance performances, and aerialists. The highlights of the night were a pop-up roller disco from Rink In a Box/RollinBuckeyez Foundation and previews of the 2022 Festival, Expo: Ingenuity.


The Dreamer's Bal

This surreal creation of a living daydream took place on Saturday, May 4, 2019 at IngenuityLabs. Attendees of The Dreamer's Bal stepped into an ethereal landscape of their subconscious hopes and aspirations that sit latent or ignored, brought to fruition by larger-than-life art installations, immersive music, and dance performances, and experiences that rivaled their wildest dreams.


The Time Traveler's Bal

Time Traveler’s Bal invited visitors through the lab of a mad scientists, exploded and abandoned but still buzzing with the wanderlust to traverse the ages. Guests stepped through the malfunctioning erstwhile time machine into a mishmash of historical periods from landscapes teeming with dinosaurs to the current day and even a Jetson's-esque interstellar future.




Bal: Aquatique was a magical combination of art, performance, and discovery, celebrating Cleveland’s creative landscape. The event was our first program to open up the second floor at the new Hamilton Collaborative, where it once again channeled the spirit of the Kokoon Arts Club, while raising awareness for water-centered innovation in our region!



BAL Ingénieux

bal 3

Bal Ingénieux 2016 took place on June 6 at the historic former Tenk Machine Co., now operated by Tenk West Bank. The Enchanted Forest theme enlivened the Tenk Building over 20,000 square feet of programming in 5 rooms.


BAL Ingénieux

Danc perf 1

Bal Ingénieux 2015 took place on May 16, at the Kalman and Pabst photo group, where it highlighted the local firm’s exquisite refurbished warehouse.