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At Ingenuity Cleveland, we cultivate and nurture our city’s most valuable assets: its community of passionate and curious minds. Your support TODAY helps us provide support and resources to Cleveland creatives and enhance our region's artistic landscape. Don't wait!

  • We foster entrepreneurs and creatives through IngenuityLabs and share our work and resources with the community through Ignite! Neighbor Nights, which are free, intergenerational, themed and hands-on.

  • We collaborate with community partners to create vibrant artistic landscapes for local events, and work together in the interconnected fields of placemaking, public art, urban planning and public programming.

  • We make places awesome through large-scale public events, artworks, pop-ups and more! 

  • We innovate with the Ingeneers, a creative collective of 300+ individuals who construct showpieces that travel around Northeast Ohio and beyond.

  • We inspire and bring joy to the community through our year-round work, and especially IngenuityFest, one of Cleveland’s most beloved iconic events.

  • Your donation is tax deductible to the full extent of the law, and you'll receive immediate documentation.

  • Your donation of $150 (single) or $200 (couples) or above automatically enrolls you in our Agents of Ingenuity annual membership unless you opt out of membership benefits.

  • Agents of Ingenuity receive tickets to IngenuityFest and the annual Ingenuity Bal, plus VIP access,
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