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Ingenuity provides a variety of services in the interconnected fields of placemaking, public art, urban planning, design & public programming. Our approach is to engage stakeholders and unite community partners and residents through creative approaches that amplify local voices, elevate artistic expression, and build a sense of ownership and pride to create lasting positive outcomes.

We deliver large-scale commissioned artworks, which can be built collaboratively by and for the  communities in which they are placed; plan and implement community events start-to-finish; enliven public process through our unique approach to outreach & engagement; consult on placemaking and public art strategies and best practices; provide logistical & operations support; and even assist in grant writing and fundraising to support joint efforts.

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Tired of the generic, outdated art in your office? Let us replace the artwork for you with locally-sourced, original works!

In 2020, Ingenuity Cleveland was commissioned to replace the artwork located at the Cleveland-based Dominion Energy Ohio campus located in the St. Clair Superior neighborhood.  Seeking to create a connection to the neighborhood and community surrounding the campus, Ingenuity called for local artists to submit their works to be considered for this project.  If their works aligned with Dominion's overall goal of connecting the community to their East 55th Street campus, artists were provided with a cash award for their works. Dominion Energy places focus on human needs, environmental stewardship, education, and community vitality.  Over 85 locally-produced, original works are now on display at the Cleveland campus.  Check out the artists and some of their works below!


How Does the Program Work?

  • Ingenuity will work with you to develop an overall goal to replace the artwork in your office
  • Ingenuity will open up a "Call for Artists" to it's rolodex of creatives located primarily in Northeast Ohio, asking them to submit works to be considered for your specific project
  • Ingenuity will collect, and will present you with the portfolio of submitted works for consideration
  • You will select the artwork which will be permanently displayed at your office
  • Ingenuity will print and hang high-quality images or original works from local artists, including a professional museum plaque which goes in depth about the art
  • Ingenuity will compensate artists on behalf of your company for the selected works
  • You and your employees can enjoy new, locally sourced art for many years to come!

Did we mention that you are supporting local artists, and Ingenuity Cleveland, a 501C-3 nonprofit organization?




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