Special Announcement: #VoicesofCLE


What is #VoicesofCLE?

Amplifying voices in our community, especially those of color, is more important than ever. Based on the ideas for activism and activation that some of our followers submitted a few weeks ago, and inquiries from business owners downtown, we have joined ranks with our friends at  Downtown Cleveland AllianceKaramu HouseDestination ClevelandLAND Studio, Cleveland Public LibraryHistoric Warehouse District Development Corporation, and Historic Gateway Neighborhood Corporation to create #VoicesofCLE. This public art initiative will showcase our city’s creativity while providing a platform for expression and healing, all with the goal of sparking conversation and action that inspires change. Together, we are connecting local businesses to local artists to showcase messages of justice, hope, and change on storefronts and building facades. We are specifically interested in creating space for artists of color and for the conversation surrounding racial equity and social justice as our community strives to heal and evolve.

Can I Get Involved?

#VoicesofCLE is now accepting applications from artists who wish to create large-scale art and businesses who wish to have art displayed on their storefronts.


(Downtown) Cleveland is an unparalleled place to live, work, play, and do business. Businesses in our region have asked for help in animating their spaces while awaiting needed repairs to windows and storefronts. If you are an artist who would like to amplify your voice and bring eye-catching and thought-provoking visuals to Downtown by participating in this public art project, sign up and be added to our growing database.  #VoicesofCLE organizers will verify and maintain this list and provide it to any business owner seeking to hire a local artist.

Artist info & sign up form can be found HERE.


This project arose in response to small business owners who, despite the inherent challenges of being a small business in addition to having to make some repairs, recognize that we have larger societal repairs to make that are long overdue.  #VoicesofCLE organizers will connect businesses with local artists to help elevate the perspectives and lived experiences of all our community’s residents on storefronts and building facades throughout Downtown. Are you interested in offering your space as a canvas for our artists?

Business info & sign up form can be found HERE.