Igniting Hope!


We bet you remember hearing about (and hopefully attending!) our informal, come-as-you-are Ignite! Entrepreneurship Lecture Series. Did you know that in 2019 we expanded the Ignite! program to include the Ignite! Impact Awards? Created to help aspiring entrepreneurs get started, these awards offer seed funding, workshop space (both private and shared), 1-on-1 consulting, and grant writing assistance or fiscal agency specifically to those underrepresented in entrepreneurship, such as women and people of color.In light of current global & community events, we have expanded the Ignite! Impact Award criteria to offer immediate assistance for creative solutions focused on two key aspects of community recovery and healing:

  1. Solutions focused on immediate COVID-19 relief.
  2. Solutions focused on long-term COVID-19 recovery, community resiliency, and connectivity.
    • Strategies that improve digital access and digital equity
    • Socially-distanced interventions that uplift and enliven
  3. Solutions and conversations centered on social and racial justice, equity, and police-community relations.

Apply or Nominate Someone!

We’ve supported efforts for creatives to bring masks to frontline COVID workers, and artists to spark conversations around racial equity. Know someone who is working hard to follow their passion while breaking down the barriers of entrepreneurship? Someone fighting for peace and justice amid our current national turmoil? Nominate them for an award! Are YOU that person?? Nominate yourself!

The nomination form can be found HERE.

To learn more about the Impact Awards Program, including recent recipients, click here.