Participatory Democracy and YOU!


In 2020, making your voice heard is more important than ever. Today’s challenges – from the novel Coronavirus to the current political atmosphere – are both new, and the same as always. At every period in history, it is the brave voices that fight systemic inequality, fear, ignorance and marginalization who change our lives and our communities for the better. Often, those voices come from artists, musicians, poets, and more recently from documentarists, social media influencers, storytellers, and those who find inspiration within themselves to use cultural power to effect change . . .  in other words, people just like you!

We know it’s sometimes hard to feel like our individual voices matter – we hear you loud and clear. Luckily, amid the challenges of this year, we’re out and about alongside you, working hard to not only make all of our voices heard, but to understand why it’s so important!

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