From the PD: Team NEO study projects economic boost from Ingenuityfest, Gordon Square Arts District

Julie Washington wrote a terrific piece on the economic boost from arts events.  We had put out a press release on the TeamNEO study and are delighted to see that Washington included information on other Cleveland arts organizations.  It’s also great to see the comments.  While comments tend to veer into soapbox territory, some are truly insightful.   Here’s one from ‘Peet’

Ingenuity Fest is a bigger key to the growth of the whole city than most people realize. It’s new location inside the Detroit-Superior Bridge makes it unique in the world. If you invited someone from New York, Los Angeles, D.C. or even Japan to come see it, they would leave amazed and tell their friends about how crazy awesome Cleveland is.

Thanks Peet.  We think you’re crazy awesome!  So invite some of those friends from New York, Los Angeles, & DC.  Or Pittsburgh, Detroit, Columbus…