IngenuityBtoB: New Cleveland Clinic Eye Drug Delivery System

In our first installment of IngenuityBtoB, we interview Dr. Rishi Singh at the Cleveland Clinic’s Cole Eye Institute. In the interview, Dr. Singh not only talks about how this innovation could save patient from painful, repeated eye injections, also talks about where his spark of ingenuity came: at a Halloween party. Thanks to The Rogers Company for its support of this episode.

The eyes are considered to be the windows to the soul and there is something beautiful and terrifying about bringing technology close.  Got a reaction?  Leave a comment below or leave a video response. We’d love to get a discussion going!

This interview is one of many that we’ll be bringing you to highlight innovation and ingenuity in Northeast Ohio. Truly you don’t have to dig deep to find it in art, business, or technology; ingenuity may be NEO’s greatest natural resource.   Our goal is to build a showcase for these innovations both to highlight ingenuity in the area and also to spark ideas across disciplines. If you have an idea for IngenuityBtoB or would like to sponsor a video, send an email to