Join Us & Be a Light at the End of the Tunnel!


Why Do You Need My Support?

Like all nonprofits across the nation, Ingenuity Cleveland is confronted with overcoming challenges as a result of the COVID-19 crisis, but more importantly, we are focused on supporting the entrepreneurs, educators, creatives, and public initiatives that can help our immediate neighborhood and all of Cleveland recover swiftly and become stronger than ever.

Our “2020 Visioning” has been focused on building greater ties to St. Clair-Superior and across Cleveland’s creative landscape. As we adapt this work to address the effects of COVID-19, launch new digital platforms for connectivity, and prepare our space to safely reopen in the future, Ingenuity appreciates your generous donation towards the cause.

Where Does My Money Go?

Finances look different for everyone during these uncertain times, and we want to make sure you know exactly what you’re supporting when you donate to this campaign. 

Ingenuity Cleveland has been planning for expansion to better serve our neighborhood and entire creative landscape in more ways than one.  Our Ignite! Impact Awards promote equity through microgrants for a diverse group of creative entrepreneurs focused on social impact. We’re expanding this program for COVID-19 relief and inventive approaches to community recovery, plus offering new opportunities for artists to get on their feet and give back.

IngenuityLabs is growing, and we must invest in our future. We are reorganizing our incubator and building capacity to serve as many artists, entrepreneurs, and visionaries as possible. Forward-looking improvements will not only support the health and safety of all visitors but will pave the way for expansion to best enable the thought leaders and culture makers that change our communities for the better.

As we double down on our facility and long-term vision as a neighborhood social and economic hub, we’re working to promote connectivity in newly imagined programs (like the newly-announced Ignite! Neighbor Nights), both in-person and digital, with an eye toward equity, wellness, and lasting resilience, in partnership with Famicos Foundation and. St. Clair-Superior neighborhood stakeholders.

Ingenuity Cleveland is proud to partner on #VoicesofCLE alongside Downtown Cleveland Alliance, Karamu House, LAND studio, and many more. This platform amplifies voices, especially voices of color, in response to social justice and racial equity conversations brought to the forefront by recent events. In conversation with community organizations, activist groups, and neighborhood representatives, we have brought more than a dozen featured “artist collaborators” into conversation with each other and with owners from among 20+ local businesses to turn downtown Cleveland into the most impactful canvas possible for messages of healing and long-term change.

But that’s just the start. We are already hard at work on next steps which will bring permanent and semi-permanent installations, multi-media approaches, and neighborhood-based strategies to keep the conversation moving forward, empower artists and activist groups, and create paid opportunities for help in reimagining and creating a more equitable tomorrow. (If you have ideas or are interested in getting involved in this project directly, email

Other Initiatives Your Contribution Will Support

-Individual Ignite! Impact Award microgrants to artists and entrepreneurs working in one of 4 program areas of immediate need for our neighborhood. Your donations are matched 1:1; stay tuned to our newsletter to hear more from our Impact Award winners! 
      -Providing Immediate COVID relief 
      -Supporting socially distanced recovery and resilience
      -Increasing digital connectivity through access and engagement
      -Furthering conversations around social justice and racial equity. 

-Facility improvements for updated health and safety protocols in the short term (signage, wayfinding) and long term (Fire prevention, security).

-PPE for visitors along with cleaning, sanitation and organization supplies that will make it safer to welcome students and families

-Ensuring that we’re undertaking necessary steps to secure our future in Saint Clair Superior and promote long-term positive and equitable outcomes through strategic planning, consultation with financial planning experts, and a newly-launched committee on equity and social impact.