ING IRL (Ingenuity in Real Life): Meet Arron!


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Arron Bound, who you might also know by his artist name, No Numbers, is one of our amazing Ingeneers! He is a photographer and has been part of four group – and three individual – exhibitions. Arron has also recently produced two music shows. Truly a man of many talents!

What does Arron have to say about his time at Ingenuity?

“I knew I wanted to be part of Ingenuity after attending the festival in 2017. I was interested in meeting people of this community to create new connections, learn some new skills, and most of all create/build awesome pieces of art for people to enjoy. The experiences that I’ve had there in the last two years as an Ingeneer have been invaluable for my personal growth as an artist. The new partnerships I’ve made have had a big impact on my artistic career. Ingenuity is a collection of creatives with varying degrees of experience who are willing to share their knowledge. Our collaboration creates bonds that are hard to replicate outside of Ingenuity. I’ve watched these new partnerships create artistic endeavors that spread even further out into the community. Ingenuity is an incubator of creative people that come together to create works of art and then spread out with new purpose.”