ING IRL (Ingenuity in Real Life): Meet Amanda!


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Amanda is one of our IngenuityLabs coordinators and an Ingeneer! A multi-media artist, she loves playing with color and focuses much of her 2-D art on abstract “flow” arts.  Amanda mixes her background in religious studies and art history into her art life through the creation of large-scale installations that center around liminal spaces like hallways and entryways.  Amanda also crafts movement as a flow dance performer when she has time around her other creative pursuits!

What Does Amanda Have to Say About Her Work with Ingenuity?

“Ingenuity has been nothing short of empowering.  Since my first day, my voice has been heard, my ideas have been given life and support, my skills have been nurtured and grown.  I see the world as being full of possibilities now, not limitations.  Talent, knowledge, and passion are shared by people from all walks of life, all career paths, all interest groups.  I’ve been able to build amazing things and watched others take joy and wonder from those creations.  I have a place, a safe space, a world where being different is exactly what everyone wants to see, and a community that gives back tenfold to all of my contributions.  And I’ve been able to share the magic with others, to watch it spread and grow, to help people who, like me, never imagined a place like this existed.  Ingenuity is a home to EVERYone that no only takes us in, but helps us to become our best selves.”