World Premiere! Voix de Ville


Jason Tilk, half of the Cleveland-based vaudeville duo Pinch and Squeal, defines the concept of “ingenuity” as “creating something and having that creation feed you something you were previously unaware. The creation of something grows more than just the solution.” The 2013 IngenuityFest will be the debut location for Pinch and Squeal’s newest project, the Voix de Ville.

The Voix de Ville, or “Voice of the City”, is a mobile circus tent that will sit about 60 people inside. It features contemporary variety shows, comedic theatre, cabaret, and circus arts. The hour-long variety show prepared for this year’s IngenuityFest will include performances by Pinch and Squeal, Titano (the world’s laziest strong-man), award winning juggler Will Oltman, magician Ray Raymond, performers from the Bangrang Circus and many more. Performers are from both around the Cleveland area and across the United States ranging from musicians to comedians to world record holders.


Pinch and Squeal are extremely excited to debut the Voix de Ville at Ingenuity because as Tilk (Pinch) said in an interview, “It’s an amazing space to debut at. The best part is that we’re debuting at a venue that’s designed to be an outside venue but it’s going to be inside.” After the festival the Voix de Ville will begin to make more appearances, starting around the Cleveland area and eventually around the United States.