Video: Ingenuity’s Science Fiction Fair

In 2012, Ingenuity launched a Science Fiction Fair pilot project.  We brought together thought leaders and


experts from the community as well as a small but eager group of students from Cleveland schools.  Those students used this expert input to form a

vision of their future.  Working with illustrators from the Rust Belt Monster Collective, students brought their visions to life.  This video features interviews with the students involved and features the posters created for the projected and showcased at IngenuityFest 2012.


The dialogue between the students, artists, and experts was fantastic.  The sessions often turned from a presentation into a spirited discussion and clearly had an impact on the students as they formed ideas abou

t their own future.  It’s a reminder about the good things that can happen when the future is a place where anything is possible.

Thanks to everyone who served as mentors and to the illustrators at the Rust Belt Monster Collective.

This project was made possible through a grant from the Ohio Arts Council.