The Ingeneers

What the Heck is an Ingeneer?

The Ingeneers are a volunteer-driven creative collective, meeting year-round to vision, build and create. Open to anyone, this crew represents a range of skills and expertises, and is responsible for helping to shape and implement the slew of year-round creative projects issuing out of the IngenuityLabs space. The group creates the unique, immersive and interactive exhibits at IngenuityFest, as well as building IngenuityLabs and the Hamilton Collaborative into a large-scale community resource.

In addition to providing critical assistance when it comes time to build IngenuityFest or the annual Bal, this group also acts as a much-needed sanctuary for creatives of all stripes. Whether you’re an engineer looking flex creative muscles that you don’t get to use often, a working artist looking for a big space that doesn’t shy away from getting messy, or a college student looking to learn new skills like woodworking or sewing, our Thursday evening sessions offer a judgment-free, fun, and loud educational environment that is also a social club and a networking event all in one!

What Do We Get Up To?

An Important Note as We Navigate this Pandemic: As health conditions permit, we are planning for small group Ingeneers meetings. Stay tuned to the Facebook page for updates and opportunities to RSVP. Join our Ingeneers Facebook community, where you’ll see weekly posts with the projects and an RSVP request for the week! Please note that masks are ALWAYS required within the Hamilton Collaborative.

Not Ready for In-Person Gatherings?

We totally understand, and we appreciate you helping us keep groups small! In the meantime, we hope you'll join the Ingeneers mailing list to stay up-to-speed on projects, health & safety information, and more!

Winter/Spring: Build art for our annual partnership with Brite Winter and get ready for our spring programming and fundraisers like the annual Ingenuity Bal! Build the large-scale, immersive artwork that creates otherworldly experiences, or help out at the event itself with programming, greeter, catering and more: We’ll need volunteers stationed at check-in, hosting themed areas, working with our  restaurant team and more!

Summer/Autumn: This is our busiest event season! Learn about festival art and production, construct spaces within our festival site, or join a street team. These jobs get into the down and dirty, but are a guaranteed fun time with new skills and new friends!

The Fest (late September): We count on hundreds of volunteers over the weekend in September to assist artists, help at check-in, sell merchandise, and so much more.


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