The Ingeneers

What the Heck is an Ingeneer?

The Ingeneers are a volunteer-driven creative collective, meeting year-round to vision, build and create. Open to anyone, this crew represents a range of skills and expertises, and is responsible for helping to shape and implement the slew of year-round creative projects issuing out of the IngenuityLabs space. The group creates the unique, immersive and interactive exhibits at IngenuityFest, as well as building IngenuityLabs and the Hamilton Collaborative into a large-scale community resource. With hundreds of members, the Ingeneers represent creatives of all types – from tool-wielding carpenters to fine artists to marketing gurus! The Ingeneers are the easiest way to get involved and learn about IngenuityLabs - Join the mailing list or facebook discussion group, or stop by most Thursdays at 6 pm to learn more.

What Do We Get Up To?

Winter/Spring: Build art for our annual partnership with Brite Winter and get ready for our spring programming and fundraisers like the annual Ingenuity Bal! Build the large-scale, immersive artwork that creates otherworldly experiences, or help out at the event itself with programming, greeter, catering and more: We’ll need volunteers stationed at check-in, hosting themed areas, working with our  restaurant team and more!

Summer/Autumn: This is our busiest event season! Learn about festival art and production, construct spaces within our festival site, or join a street team. These jobs get into the down and dirty, but are a guaranteed fun time with new skills and new friends!

The Fest (late September): We count on hundreds of volunteers over the weekend in September to assist artists, help at check-in, sell merchandise, and so much more.


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