Ingenuity Announces Call to Industry for Showcase of Innovation


Ingenuity is launching a new program for its 2013 Festival designed to highlight innovation in industry within Northeast Ohio.  The Showcase of Innovation at IngenuityFest 2013, presented by Scene Magazine, will highlight products and services from past and present as well as prototypes that are shaping our future and the world around us. Lincoln Electric is one of several companies already signed up to be a part of the showcase.

For the Showcase of Innovation, Ingenuity is looking for products or services that are ‘game-changers,’ ‘behind the scenes’ technologies that the public typically doesn’t know about, historical ‘firsts,’ small innovations with big impact, and innovations that elicit pride. Companies large and small can participate by submitting posters, sketches, drawings, photos, physical products, demonstrations models, live demonstrations or presentations.

There is no fee to be a part of the showcase (although Ingenuity is seeking sponsors). Space is limited, and entries will be reviewed to create the best showcase possible. To learn more, please visit

Questions can be emailed to James Krouse, Ingenuity Cleveland Artistic Director at or call (216) 650-4942.