Gigantic Art Kozmon Mural at Ingenuity

kozmonThe 2013 IngenuityFest will be welcoming back George Kozmon to do a weekend long performance. Known for his large scale paintings, Kozmon will be painting a panoramic monumental image, measuring 8’ x 80’, on-site. The space will be a depiction of alpine tundra consisting of snow, ice, rock, and a cloud-dominated vista. The audience will witness the development and evolution of the image, even though a large amount of preparatory work will have begun on the canvas prior to the festival. Already Kozmon has been drawing up multiple drafts by sketching and working on photoshop.

Kozmon is a Cleveland native who enjoys working on large compositions. Scale has always been an important aspect of his work whether it be 600 square feet or just a couple of square inches of space.

When asked to define the concept of “ingenuity” Kozmon stated, “I think it’s not necessarily the invention of an idea, it’s more of an elaboration of an idea, putting an alternative use to an idea. Taking things that people might do in their own particular realm and recontextualizing.” Furthermore, Kozmon is excited to be working in an atypical venue.
“There is something zen about the process…You aren’t bounded by the venue. Ingenuity highlights that you can do cool things in spaces that you don’t necessarily associate with doing cool things.”