Warehouse 30

The Collider Exhibition Series examines the impact, implications and inspiration of the phenomenon generally categorized under the umbrella term New Media.  Immersing visitors in contemporary interactive and media artwork, inviting all to participate, play, and ponder.

Co-curator – Tony Samangy
Assistant Professor in Graphic design at The University of Akron with a focus in Interface, Interaction and Motion Design.

Co-curator – Rod Bengston
Director of Galleries – University of Hawaii

Co-curator – Markus Vogl
Assistant Professor in Graphic design at The University of Akron with a focus in interactive art and design, web design and New Media Art.

Guest-curator – Kinect pieces – Margarita Benitez
Assistant Professor in Fashion design and the Fashion technologist at Kent State University with a focus in interactive art, art and technology, wearables, fibers, and fashion design.

Ingenuity: Feeds
A Contemporary Art Exhibition
Warehouse 32

This year’s Ingenuity art exhibition is centered on the theme of ‘Feeds.’ 25 contemporary regional artists have interpreted the idea in an astounding variety of unique and imaginative ways. All visual art media are represented and the artists are as diverse as their ideas – the work of distinguished professors and barely graduated art students, accomplished amateurs and eminent professionals are presented side by side in a kaleidoscope of forms, colors, and ideas.

Exhibiting artists include:

John Adams, Laureen Deveney, Elizabeth Emery, Derek Gelvin, Pamela Heller, Rudolf Jason, Jeff Jipplis, Patsy Kline, George Kozmon, Matthew Kurtz, Qian Li, James March, Susan McClelland, Loren Naji, A.D. Peters, Annie Peters, Nicklaus Pfeil, Penney Rakoff, Corie Slawson, Mark Soppeland, Melissa Stellard, Robert Thurmer, Josh Usmani, Guy Vincent, Lizbeth Wolfe

Curated by Robert Thurmer

Director, Art Gallery

Cleveland State University

Altered Cities
Artist: Michael Nekic in collaboration with the Kokoon Arts Gallery
Warehouse 30

Cleveland’s future is bright in Altered Cities, Michael Nekic’s photo-collage backlit images that are at the same time both familiar and alien.  Nekic’s photos and their manipulation create a retro-futuristic landscape that celebrates a city’s past glories, contemplates its decay and creates a landscape for a possible future.

Michael Nekic is a Northeast Ohio native who has been a fine art photographer for 35 years, working with digital computer graphics for the past 17 years.  He has exhibited throughout the region and has completed commission work for Lincoln Electric, NeoThink, New Heights Research, Lake West Hospital, Benedictine High School, and others.  In 2004, Nekic received an Honorable Mention in the International Digital Hall of Fame competition.

The Altered City project is a collaboration between artist Michael Nekic and his gallery representative, William Scheele of Kokoon Arts Gallery.  Scheele is also a Northeast Ohio native, with over 30 years of experience as an art dealer and gallery owner.  For the past five years, his Kokoon Arts Gallery has been located in the 78th Street Studios facility in Cleveland’s Detroit Shoreway neighborhood.  From 2002 through 2006, Scheele ran a non-profit organization called NewCAT, the New Center for Art & Technology, promoting creativity using new media technologies.  During this period, Scheele and Nekic participated in the first three Ingenuity Festivals.

Altered Cities is made possible at IngenuityFest through the generous support of Majestic Steel.

Blue Desert
Artists: Rian Brown-Orso, Geoff Pingree, Peter Swendsen

Take an ethereal journey through the Antarctic landscape with Blue Desert ~ Towards Antarctica.  Both a film and a multi-channel video installation, Blue Desert was shot during a two-week expedition to Antarctica in November of 2009 aboard the National Geographic Explorer by Oberlin University Associate Professors of Cinema Studies Geoff Pingree and Rian Brown-Orso.  The team worked with Peter Swendsen, assistant professor of computer music and digital arts at Oberlin, to create an audio landscape for the installation.

Antarctica is a uniquely vast and haunting panorama of ice, water, and sky. To visit this place is to glimpse a world without human beings, to observe a planet in its most primitive and elemental state, to witness the mysteriously beautiful and fearsome power of the earth.

Although any attempt to represent the Antarctic is, in some sense, futile – an exercise in framing the unframeable—Blue Desert will provide a provisional window onto a wondrous landscape that embodies, paradoxically, the ancient permanence and never-ending flux of our physical environment.

Rubber City Noise Wandering Cave
Warehouse 32 – Upstairs

The Rubber City Noise Wandering Cave is the mobile version of the RCNCAVE, created for Ingenuity Fest 2011 and returning in 2012. The RCNCAVE (or Cave, or Center for Audio/Visual Experimentation) is a collective arts space in downtown Akron, Ohio. Regular multimedia events are hosted on the second Saturday of every month and generally feature some combination of music and visual art. Other events occur spontaneously throughout the month both at the Cave and abroad.

Throughout Ingenuity weekend, the Wandering Cave will feature scores of musicians and artists working in a variety of genres. A full schedule will be made available soon. Merchandise and art from Rubber City Noise, Experimedia, Tusco Embassy, and other local entities will be for sale all weekend.

Rubber City Noise was founded in 2011 as an arts space and record label. It has since grown into a full collective comprised of Karl Vorndran, Curt Brown, Ram Youssefi, Joshua Maxon Novak, and James Bryan Parks along with several collaborators. Using a base of experimental (or exploratory) music, Rubber City Noise engages a range of creative forms. The Cave has hosted artists and musicians both local and from around the world and the record label has found international acclaim releasing albums from Ohio artists and other friends of RCN.

Music: Cane Swords | Zurvan | Griefhound | Skin Graft | Scenic Railroads | Dark Matter White Fire | Moth Cock | KBD Sonic Cooperative | Contamination Diet | All Herons |Matt Horak | Spirits | Jason Rodriguez | Drake/Henry/Scheible Trio | Forest Management | Orange Luna Temple | Glacial23 | Fire Death | Fascist Insect | 9 Volt Haunted House | Giant Claw | Thursday Club | more TBA 

Art: Jeremy Bible | Casey Ruic | Matt Horak | James Bryan Parks | Ram Youssefi | Chialla Geib | Eric Cowan | Brian Parsons | more TBA

Cleveland Institute of Art
Warehouse 32

The Cleveland Institute of Art partners with Ingenuity Fest to highlight the changing role of technology in the arts and art education. Now celebrating 130 years in educating creative leaders, CIA continues to redefine the boundaries of contemporary art and design.

Through CIA’s Digital Canvas Initiative—where all freshmen are provided iPads as a tool for creative collaboration and curriculum development—our faculty and freshmen have explored how this evolving digital tool can be used to create and collaborate. Scott Ligon, Associate Professor and Coordinator of Foundation Digital Art and Design, is pursuing the idea of digital collaboration at Ingenuity Fest, creating a series of digital feeds from across Cleveland and the country.

Video and photography professor Kasumi will be presenting a Cleveland premier of her work The Drowning. Presented on three screens concurrently, the work is simultaneously jarring and spiritual.

Bruce Checefsky, Director of CIA’s Reinberger Galleries, curates a film/video presentation of “Feed Your Food,” an array of short animations and films. Featuring fleeting glimpses of the reproductive habits of marine animals, musings about cultural and sexual identity, along with childhood trauma, Feed Your Food will be presented inside an abandoned bus within the warehouse.

CIA’s biomedical art department has been redefining the role of art, technology, and science. Biomedical artists apply their knowledge of media art and science to visual materials that educate the public in science and medical information. CIA will present an exhibition of illustrations and animations of work in human and plant biology.

Giancarlo Calicchia Sculpture Garden and Gallery
Warehouse 32

A collection of sculptures created and curated by world-renowned Italian American sculptor Giancarlo Calicchia.

Born in Veroli, Italy in the Apennine Mountains near Rome in 1946, Calicchia moved to Rome, New York in 1957 at the age of 11 as part of a new wave of Italian immigration to the New World. After formal education and training in America, Italy, Haiti, Canada and Mexico, Calicchia chose sculpture — rather, as he is quick to point out — sculpture chose him for his life’s passion.

Calicchia’s arrival in Cleveland in 1979 ushered a construction revolution not seen since the 19th century. The skyline of Cleveland was transformed and the artist’s mastery of architectural stone was a pivotal part of every major building built in Cleveland from 1981 to 1994, including Tower City, The Ritz Carlton Hotel, The Skylight Office Tower, North Point, the former Sohio Building and many others throughout North America and Europe.

Featuring work by:
Mimi Becker – Ohio; Benjamin Sohnel – Germany; Frantisek Strouhal – Canada; Christine Ferrari – New York; Benjamin Ganz – Florida; Nelson Mandela – South Africa; Ben Salomon – Washington, DC; Issac Katz – Mexico; Cheryl Hrudka – Arizona; Stan Johnson – Arizona; George Morillo, New York; Ricky Mujica – New York; Gisela Pherdekamper – Florida; Thomas Lund Lack – Britain; Mark Jacobson – California; Russell Dodds – South Carolina; Alex Khomsky – Massachusetts; Saggio – Ohio; Gregory Johnson – Georgia; Jami Tabak – New York; Amy Cohen Banker – New York; Architecture and Vision – Italy and Switzerland

Calicchia Sculpture & Design Studios, located in Cleveland, specializes in sculpture, public art and design, and has completed major landmark projects both locally and internationally.

Coventry Kids
Warehouse 32 

Our entire area is titled “Feed Yourself.” Its a space that encompasses the ways The Coventry Kids and our surrounding friends and communities “feed ourselves” through the creation of; art and performance of live music, growing our own food and grocery products and “feeding” them to our community. Throughout this years Ingenuity Fest we will bring in and display the actual “fruits” of our labor by displaying raised bed gardens of herbs, vegetables and fruits we’ve grown in our own backyards and present the different methods and techniques that you can utilize for ideal growth of your own garden. Our audio and visual space will showcase the many artist we’ve worked with and managed over our years of gallery curating, event and party planning experience. Friday and Saturday will see DJs and musical artists giving live tutorials of how they make, find and share the music that shakes crowds and moves them personally. Sunday our space will be dedicated to everything visual, including live art, video visuals, paintings and other art for the Ingenuity Fest community to enjoy.
@TheCovKids |

The Rust Belt Monster Collective
Warehouse 30
The gang from RBMC create work on site and present their work from Ingenuity’s Sci-Fi Fair.