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A Costume Fit for the Bal – Create your DREAM costume!!

A Costume Fit for the Bal 05 23 (1)

Week 1: Fashion Illustration and Ideation: May 4

Hear the process of fashion creation from a local Cleveland fashion designer.  You will be taken through the process, from initial inspiration, conception of an idea for an outfit or a piece, how that builds into a plan and that plan becomes a finished piece worn by themselves or their customers.

Breaking into smaller groups, you will view and discuss creative sources of inspiration, share ideas for ‘Enchanted Forest’ themed outfits and be led by a fashion illustrator to help you put your ideas on paper.

Week 2: Styling & Sourcing: May 11

Hear the process of putting an outfit or costume together from Andrea Howell of Tidal Cool.  She will discuss the various considerations when creating an outfit which determines what pieces you will make and what pieces you can buy.  She will discuss proportions, color and materials for your costume and offer insider tips on sourcing those pieces on a budget.

Breaking into smaller groups, we will break down your outfit into a list of what you will need to assemble your ‘Enchanted Forest’ themed outfit.  From there, we will decide what components will be convenient for you to find, where to source these… including the dollar store, our own wardrobes and local craft stores.  And what components we will make.  You will come away with a list of the materials required to take your costume or outfit to the next level of assembly and creation.

Week 3: Creation – Upcycling: May 18

Learn and be inspired to find old treasures and give them a second lease of life.  Hear from Faith McFluff, performer extraordinaire and maker of Stuff by Faith McFluff.  She will provide upcycling insider tips on what to look for, where to find it and what can be achieved on a tight budget.  She will be showcasing some of her creations as inspiration for your ‘Enchanted Forest’ themed costumes and outfits.

You are asked to bring in old garments, fabrics, accessories and trinkets that yourself and other participants can transform into costumes.  In smaller groups, we will review what has been brought along, select some pieces to work with and create practical plans to bring your idea to life with those materials.  It is now that your costume or garment will begin to come to life.

Week 4: Creation – Stitch & Craft: May 25

Enjoy creating in this final workshop which focuses on the practical elements of fashion and costume creating.  Katie Simmons, founder of the Hildebrandt Artist Collective and LSNS will be providing inspiration and practical advice on upcycling your materials into ‘Enchanted Forest’ costumes and outfits.  Katie will walk you through a range of different techniques and transformations to create wearable garments without spending a fortune.

By this point, you will have your costume planned and will have all or most of the materials required for your costume.  We will have a team of experienced fashion and textile artists to help you individually with your design.  In smaller groups, we will focus on particular craft areas that you need for your costume.  The experts will be sharing their skills and knowledge with you to bring your costume or garment to life.