Past Festivals

2020: Virtually INGenious

For the first time in Ingenuity history, welcome to a virtual festival! We partnered with our friends at 48 Hour Virtual Music Fest CLE to bring performers together via the magic of the internet since we can't be together in person.

We compiled over 53 hours of compelling virtual content and experiences, and streamed them to 30,000+ living rooms. Virtually INGenious featured bands, artists, performers, creatives, and local difference-makers in our community on Facebook Live!

The best part of a virtual festival? You can re-live it again and again! If you head to the discussion tab of the Virtually INGenious event page, you can find all the performances from that amazing, innovative weekend.

2019: IngenuityFest Dreamscapes

Celebrating its 15th year making creative intersections of art, science, and technology accessible to all, Dreamscapes brought to life an entire fantasy, vividly imagined by our creative community for a city reawakened and renewed.

New in 2019 were sustainability-focused village IngenuityTree Isle, and Wellness Way on the never-before-seen third floor (!), where attendees can focus on the health of body (strap on some skates with RollinBuckeyez Foundation) plus mind, spirit and community. The Dreamer’s Tavern featured local speakers from Cleveland’s Creative Arts Network and beyond, in partnership with IngenuityLabs Ignite!


2018: IngenuityFest FuturePast

2018's theme FuturePast celebrated the return of cherished traditions melded with the drive toward progress, forging a reimagined future of our community, localism, and humanistic technologies.

Boat 2

2017: IngenuityFest Metamorphosis


2016: IngenuityFest Awakenings

Past Festivals

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