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Past Bals

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Past Bals

The Bal Ingénieux – this one-night only annual event has revived Cleveland historic Kokoon Arts Club parties. When they started in 1912, these events were emblematic of a city at the epicenter of creativity and innovation and whose best days lie ahead. We think that’s as true today as ever.

Bal Ingénieux 2015 took place on May 16, at the Kalman and Pabst photo group, where it highlighted the local firm’s exquisite refurbished warehouse.

Bal Ingénieux 2016 took place on June 6 at the historic former Tenk Machine Co., now operated by Tenk West Bank. The Enchanted Forest theme enlivened the Tenk Building over 20,000 square feet of programming in 5 rooms. The building is now on the rise with local businesses Six Shooter Coffee, Marigold Catering, a co-working space and much more!

Ingenuity’s 2017 Bal: Aquatique was a magical combination of art, performance, and discovery, celebrating Cleveland’s creative landscape while raising funds for our IngenuityLabs incubator program, maker activities, and more. The event was our first program to open up the second floor at the new Hamilton Collaborative, where it once again channeled the spirit of the Kokoon Arts Club, while raising awareness for water-centered innovation in our region! It all took place over 25,000 square feet, complete with a deep-sea Day-Glo ball pit, water-themed makers and exhibitors, and enough programming to swim in, on May 6, 2017.

Ingenuity’s 2018 Time Traveler’s Bal invited visitors through the lab of a mad scientists, exploded and abandoned but still buzzing with the wanderlust to traverse the ages. Guests stepped through the malfunctioning erstwhile time machine into a mishmash of historical periods from the archeological leavings of a former Dinosaur Den teaming with jungle boogie beats and a sand pit to excavate, through the Lava Lounge of prehistoric earth to the Ice Age of early man, into a Victorian Tea Garden and through the Swingin’ Speakeasy jazz lounge of the early 20th century, and on into a Stargazer’s Intersteller Future.

Featuring Whiskey Hollow, MorrisonDance, Unplanned Crew, Mom’s Bassment, Hopscotch, Stephan Haluska Harp, In2ative, and much more!

Galleries of Past Bals Coming Soon