Band Application

PLEASE NOTE: Expo: IngenuityFest 2020 is scheduled to take place September 25th-27th 2020 at the Hamilton Collaborative in Saint Clair Superior. The health and safety of our attendees, volunteers, partners and constituents remains our first priority.

The team at Ingenuity is closely monitoring the COVID-19 health crisis as we near the festival dates.

We are still collecting applications and will hold onto your application for future years if IngenuityFest 2020 is cancelled or postponed.

Any updates such as postponements, cancellations or otherwise will be posted on our website, through social media channels, and through our mailing list once confirmed.  We appreciate your patience and support during these uncertain and challenging times.

This form not only serves as an application for IngenuityFest (held September 25-27, 2020), but feeds our database so we can get in touch about future opportunities!

All band calls are rolling. We start pushing our band application out around the first of the year, and make programming decisions throughout the spring for IngenuityFest in the fall. We don’t send bands rejection notices, because all of your applications go into an archive that we pull from, and there’s always a chance we can slot you in down the road!

If you’ve applied in the past, it never hurts to update your application with us. If you’re looking at taking another opportunity for our same weekend, it doesn’t hurt to check in with us, but in general, if you’ve not received an acceptance by mid-late summer, we will not be booking you for the fall festival.

Ready to apply??! See below!


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