Band Application

IngenuityFest is always the last full weekend in September! In 2022, EXPO: Ingenuity is Friday-Sunday, September 23-25, 2022! Indicate your interest in exhibiting at the event, below, and you'll be kept on archive for opportunities for all of our year-round programming. Or see other opportunities by filling out the appropriate form!

This form not only serves as an application for IngenuityFest, but feeds our database so we can get in touch about future opportunities!

We will notify you in the summer if you have been selected to perform at the festival.  We don’t send bands rejection notices because all of your applications go into an archive that we pull from, and there’s always a chance we can slot you in down the road!

If you’ve applied in the past, it never hurts to update your application with us. If you are looking to take another opportunity for the festival weekend, check in with us, but if you have not received an acceptance by mid to late summer, we will not be booking you for the fall festival.

Ready to apply? See below!


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