Apply for Our Incubator Program

IngenuityLabs Incubator Program is part residency, part accelerator. It allows select Ingenuity grantees access to shared shop space, shared tools, and their own studio/workshop space over the course of the summer, culminating in an onsite exhibit at IngenuityFest. After the Fest, projects are reviewed and offered the opportunity to extend their stay. Additional programs, including workshops in skills like marketing and grant writing, as well as periodic open-houses, are considered integral to the program.

Space and participation is available to creatives of all stripes – artisans, entrepreneurs, start-ups and more. Our program is ideal for artists looking to make use of our unique industrial space, entrepreneurs looking to scale up, and new projects that make unique use of our unique environment for collaboration and cross pollination. All grantees MUST exhibit during the festival.

Special consideration given to projects with a focus on interdisciplinary works, community outreach and civic progress. Applicants should be prepared to show how their project is at a “threshold” which will benefit from incubation.

We also expect that applicants will participate fully in our community, and take advantage of additional program offerings. We also consider your feedback a crucial aspect of the experience!

Not ready to apply to the Incubator program? Consider IngenuityLabs membership instead!

IngenuityLabs Incubator

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