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Get Involved with Our Democracy!

In 2020, making your voice heard is more important than ever. Today’s challenges – from the novel Coronavirus to the current political atmosphere – are both new, and the same as always. At every period in history, it is the brave voices that fight systemic inequality, fear, ignorance and marginalization who change our lives and our communities for the better. Often, those voices come from artists, musicians, poets, and more recently from documentarists, social media influencers, storytellers, and those who find inspiration within themselves to use cultural power to effect change . . .  in other words, people just like you!

We know it’s sometimes hard to feel like our individual voices matter – we hear you loud and clear. Luckily, amid the challenges of this year, we’re out and about alongside you, working hard to not only make all of our voices heard, but to understand why it’s so important!

Ignite! Impact Awards

Launched in 2019, the Ignite! Impact Awards were created to amplify the voices of those traditionally under-represented in the entrepreneurship world, and provide them with tools and resources that will set them up for future success.

What Do Ignite! Impact Award Winners Receive?

  1. A cash or in-kind (typically toward space renal in IngenuityLabs) micro-grant of $500 which can be used towards project(s) that impact others, or advance and unlock opportunities for growth
  2. Consulting time with Ingenuity team members who can provide guidance and direction towards growing your business - this includes a 1 hour introductory discussion, 1 hour session with us or a specialized consultant from our network, and a 1 hour "planning for the future" session.
  3. An opportunity to pursue fiscal agency for projects, subject to the review and approval of Ingenuity
  4. A marketing package that includes opportunities to exhibit at IngeniutyFest, the Ingenuity Bal and other Ingenuity-sponsored events, social media, e-newsletter spotlights, and more

Nominate Someone!

Special Notes for Spring/Summer 2020: In light of current community events, we are expanding our Ignite! Impact Award program to focus on two key aspects of community recovery and healing:

  1. solutions focused on COVID-19 relief and resiliency
  2. solutions and conversations centered on social and racial justice, equity, and police-community relations.

Immediate cash & consulting assistance is available and recipients will be notified with acceptance or deferral within two weeks of application. Successful applications will leverage resources to support a network beyond the applicant.*

Examples of COVID-19 relief could include (but are not limited to): furthering the manufacture and distribution of PPE at a meaningful scale for key communities; strategies to improve digital access to arts, culture, educational, and community-building during social distancing for targeted populations; enhancing long-term networks and resources for community resiliency.

Equity & Justice Solution examples could include (but are not limited to): creating spaces for community dialogue which reach across social and cultural boundaries; expressing messages of hope, healing and change that amplify voices of those who are most impacted; providing immediate support to marginalized communities through creative, entrepreneurial or artistic solutions

Apply to Get Involved in One of Our Events!

You can always submit yourself on one of our event applicaitons - exhibitors, bands, vendors, volunteers, etc.

All calls are rolling. We update applications in the first quarter of the year and make programming decisions throughout the spring for IngenuityFest in the fall. We don’t typically send rejection notices, because all of your applications go into an archive that we pull from, and there’s always a chance we can slot you in down the road!

If you’ve applied in the past, it never hurts to update your application with us! If you’re looking at taking another opportunity for our same weekend, you can check in with us, but in general, if you’ve not received an acceptance by mid-late summer, we will not be booking you for the fall festival.

Current Opportunities

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