Ingenious Spaces

Replace the artwork at your office while supporting local, independent artists!

Tired of the generic, outdated art in your office?  Let us replace the artwork for you with locally-sourced, original works!

How the program works

  • Ingenuity will work with you to develop an overall goal to replace the artwork in your office
  • Ingenuity will open up a "Call for Artists" to it's rolodex of creatives located primarily in Northeast Ohio, asking them to submit works to be considered for your specific project
  • Ingenuity will collect, and will present you with the portfolio of submitted works for consideration
  • You will select the artwork which will be permanently displayed at your office
  • Ingenuity will print and hang high-quality images or original works from local artists, including a professional museum plaque which goes in depth about the art
  • Ingenuity will compensate artists on behalf of your company for the selected works
  • You and your employees can enjoy new, locally sourced art for many years to come!

Did we mention that you are supporting local artists, and Ingenuity Cleveland, a 501C-3 nonprofit organization?

Interested in having the artwork replaced at your office?

Contact Managing Director Alyssa Perna for additonal information!

Featured Projects: Ingenious Spaces

Dominion Energy Ohio Campus

In 2020, Ingenuity Cleveland was commissioned to replace the artwork located at the Cleveland-based Dominion Energy Ohio campus located in the St. Clair Superior neighborhood.  Seeking to create a connection to the neighborhood and community surrounding the campus, Ingenuity called for local artists to submit their works to be considered for this project.  If their works aligned with Dominion's overall goal of connecting the community to their East 55th Street campus, artists were provided with a cash award for their works. Dominion Energy places focus on human needs, environmental stewardship, education, and community vitality.  Over 85 locally-produced, original works are now on display at the Cleveland campus.  Check out the artists and some of their works below!

Tara Lindsay

Tara Lindsay has been a Cleveland resident since 2006, and an Ohio City Bicycle Co-op (OCBC) Volunteer Advocate since 2012. Commuting to work by bicycle has been a way of life for Tara and she prefers biking over driving. During her senior year of art school in 1994, she was named the "Most Artistic", and when moving to Cleveland, she landed a gig off of Craigslist and worked her way up to a Transcription to Assistant Editor for Storytellers Media Group, and was a contributor the Emmy Award Winning documentary "The Day Marilyn Died." Now Tara enjoys creating art from her home studio.  Learn more about Tara by clicking here!

Sankofa Fine Arts Plus

The mission of Sankofa Fine Art Plus is to develop and advocate for African American artists and present African American art as a credible and meaningful art form through inter-generational community education and collaboration. While transforming blighted neighborhoods with beautiful and relevant art by local African American artists. To give a confident voice to those that feel underrepresented and disenfranchised through the healing power of art.  Learn more about Sankofa by clicking here!

April Bleakney

April Bleakney is an artist, entrepreneur, and student of history. After graduating from Kent State Universityand working in nonprofits at the height of the recession, she launched her creative business, APE MADE, in 2011. While primarily working as a screen printer, April also loves photography, drawing, and mixed media work. She utilizes only eco-friendly hand printing techniques and strives to engage with the community through the arts, by teaching and art projects. April has recently completed both local and international artist residencies and multiple public art and commissioned projects.  Learn more about April's art by clicking here!

Da'Shaunae Marisa

Da'Shaunae Marisa is a freelance documentary, editorial, and commercial photographer based in Cleveland, Ohio. Da'Shaunae creates public art in the Greater Cleveland area. Her weekends are spent teaching middle school & high school students digital and film photography. Her documentary work can be seen in the Cleveland Public Library's Archives. Da'Shaunae is also a proud vegan who lives with her cat Nora.  See more of Da'Shaunae's work by clicking here!

Jim Szudy

Jim Szudy is a graduate of Baldwin Wallace University, and has been deeply rooted in the Cleveland art and culture community for over 25 years. Jim is a freelance photographer and is the founder of Gemini Developers, which assists local photographers, musicians, and painters, in marketing, social media, writing publications, and web design.  See more of Jim's work by clicking here!

The Couple Creative

Larry is a native Clevelander and his wife, Theresa, is a Jersey City, NJ, native. Photography has been an important part of their lives since 1993. They started their photography and graphic design firm, “The Couple Creative” Imagery & Design, in 2008 with their main goal being: “to use our creativity in a more impactful manner to aid our community.”  See more of The Couple Creative's work by clicking here!

Jackie Bertolette

Jackie Bertolette has 30+ years of experience as a Commercial Photographer, earning her degree from Antonelli Institute of Art and Photography in 1990. Jackie has spent her career focused on editorial, editorial fashion, and performance promotion but her love is to photograph people in our community. As Editor-In-Chief of Haute Ohio Magazine, she seeks out artistic imagery that is fashion-centered and promotes fashion-forward design.  See more of Jackie's work by clicking here!

Michael McFarland

Michael McFarland’s two-dimensional art explores the expressiveness and variation of the human face through digital ink drawings. Depicting colorful characters in black and white, McFarland’s portraiture utilizes a minimal value scale to distill figures from pop culture and music to their essential aspects. McFarland earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Visual Communication Design from Kent State University. In addition to being a visual artist, McFarland is a songwriter, composer, audio engineer, and experiential designer.  Learn more about Michael by clicking here!

Mike Levy

Mike Levy transforms the way we see Cleveland, one frame at a time. Born and raised on the east side, Levy has worked with publications like the Lorain Journal, Seattle Times, the Arizona Republic, and the Plain Dealer. He has also produced two books of work centered around his distinctive vision of Cleveland and its people. He is now an adjunct professor of photography at Kent State University and has a studio in the Tower Press Building as a base to produce his own work.  Learn more about Mike by clicking here!

Tate Davidson

Tate Davidson was born in Rutland Vermont in 1973. He moved frequently as a child and lived back and forth between parents. This presented the challenges but also opportunities to meet different people and experience many locations and establish a comfort in discomfort, so to speak. He now lives in Avon Lake and very recently started working for himself as a graphic designer and photographer. He is married and has three young children.  See more of Tate's work by clicking here!

Timothy Kilkenny

Born and raised in Cleveland, Timothy is continually proud and passionate about his hometown for its diversity, the culture, and the incredible people that call it home. Like all of us, Cleveland is a continual work in progress and we are constantly looking for ways to improve and better ourselves as a city. Timothy shows his city pride through his photographs as it has always been a piece of what defines him as a human being.  Learn more about Timothy's work by clicking here!

Tina Meeks

Cleveland native Tina Meeks is an artist and art educator. Tina earned her Bachelor of Art in Visual Art P-12 from Notre Dame College. She has been teaching art to kindergarten through twelfth grade students for nine years. Her work has been exhibited in the Waterloo Arts District.  Check out more of Tina's work by visiting her Instagram page at @tinameeksart

Denyce Renee

Denyce is a freelance photographer who loves to show different perspectives of Cleveland’s landmarks. Some of the artistic projects that she is passionate about include documenting what’s happening in the Cleveland music scene, and promoting visibility around abuse, addiction, and healing.  Check out more of Denyce's work by clicking here!

Jordan Wong

Jordan Wong (WONGFACE) loves to delight, inspire, and share his quirky sense of humor through illustration and graphic design. He draws inspiration from his experiences as an Asian American, tongue-in-cheek humor, and imaginative quirkiness. Since relocating to Cleveland in 2015, Jordan has started his own business, showcased artwork throughout the city, became AIGA Cleveland’s Community Outreach Director as well as the chapter’s president in 2020, worked on the Cuyahoga Arts and Culture Support for Artists Planning Team, and assumed the role of design partner at the art organization SPACES.  Learn more about Jordan by clicking here!

Arron Bound - No Numbers

Arron Bound, also known as No Numbers, is a local artist and an Ohio City native. When he moved back to Cleveland, he made the decision focus his energy on photography and the artist community. Taking advantage of the plethora of events in Cleveland, No Numbers Photography illuminates all that Cleveland has to offer. He is also a member of Cleveland Photo Fest and Ingenuity Festival Cleveland and has recently expanded into producing music shows and curating photography exhibitions for other artists.  Check out more of Arron's work by clicking here!