Our Mission & Vision

Ingenuity Cleveland ignites the creative spark among artists, entrepreneurs, and innovators through joy and collaboration to foster community progress.

By animating Cleveland’s urban spaces with world-class, innovative experiences, Ingenuity provides a unique platform to explore the boundaries of art and technology.

We’re bringing our vision to life at our annual IngenuityFest and all year long through:

  • Interactive and Multimedia Artistic Projects
  • Inspiring and Unique Performances
  • Talks and Forums that Bring Together Creatives from All Walks of Life

We are currently at home in the St. Clair-Superior neighborhood, where we are a leading partner in the newly established Hamilton Collaborative, an outward-facing creative and economic hub.

Our Core Values:

Our core values are to showcase innovation through collaboration, promote excellence, inspire and engage new audiences, and energize and transform urban environments. Ingenuity is a catalyst that revitalizes and reinterprets Cleveland.


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