Our Mission

Ingenuity Cleveland ignites the creative spark among artists, entrepreneurs, and innovators through joy and collaboration in service to social progress.

Ingenuity is a catalyst that revitalizes and reinterprets Cleveland.

So...What Do You DO?

By animating Cleveland’s urban spaces with world-class, innovative experiences, Ingenuity provides a unique platform to explore the boundaries of art and technology.

We accomplish our mission at our annual IngenuityFest and all year long through:

  • Interactive and Multimedia Artistic Projects
  • Inspiring and Unique Performances
  • Talks and Forums that Bring Together Creatives from All Walks of Life

We are currently at home in the St. Clair-Superior neighborhood, where we are a leading partner in the newly established Hamilton Collaborative, an outward-facing creative and economic hub.

Our Core Values


Businesses, residents, experts and institutions join a dynamic community of arists and entrepreneurs as we work together at the intersection of placemaking, urban planning, programming and public process.



Through hands-on activities, peer-to-peer learning, and a distributed leadership model, we offer year-round opportunities to engage, learn and grow. Our Ignite! entrepreneurship program, incubator, microgrants, and workshops serve an intergenerational audience and reach even the littlest makers, igniting the creative spark for all.



We invest in building the conditions necessary for cross-pollination and growth. IngenuityLabs is not just a home for immersive installations or tinkering with tech. It is a vibrant network welcoming corporate partners, cutting edge artists, engineers, professionals and hobbyists alike, into a flexible, inclusive space stocked with talent, tools and resources.


That’s right, we said it! Ingenuity is driven by the joy of creating, and of doing it together. Need we say more?


Learn how we embody these values through our programs!